Print your exercise programme from PhysiApp®

From PhysiApp®, you generate a neat PDF version of the exercise programme assigned to you in a few simple steps. This page tells you how to do this from PhysiApp in your browser.

It is not possible to print your exercise programme from PhysiApp for iOS and Android.

Go to, click Login, choose the appropriate server and then open your exercise programme using the 8-letter code given to you by your healthcare practitioner together with your 4-digit year of birth.
Click the Preferences button at the bottom of your screen and then My program at the top.
Select what you want to print: the exercises, tracking sheet and/or practice information.
  • Select the weeks you want to print the exercises for - useful if you have an exercise programme that does not consist of the same exercises throughout its entire length.
  • Also select the text and image size: normal (selected by default), large or extra large and what kind of images you prefer: a story board (consisting of a number of images from the exercise), a single image (larger) or a (line) drawing.
  • If you want to print tracking sheets, you can specify which time period you want them for and whether you want dates on them.
  • Select whether you want the details of your healthcare practitioner and their practice on your printout.
  • Finally, you can choose the language in which you want to print your exercises and tracking sheets. Open the drop-down menu to see how many of the exercises are available in your preferred language. If there is no information, all exercises are translated.
Click the Create printable PDF button. The exercise programme will open in a new tab of your browser. You can then print or save this file.
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