Pain levels and alerts

Depending on your situation, you might experience pain when doing your exercises. If your healthcare practitioner has enabled adherence and pain level tracking when assigning your exercise programme, you can indicate how much pain you experienced with each exercise. Your healthcare practitioner can adjust your exercise programme based on this information and if he deems it necessary to achieve the best possible end result.

Pain is subjective. What is somewhat painful for one person may be more severe for someone else. Use your best judgement and discuss with your healthcare practitioner if in doubt.

What is a pain alert?

A pain alert is a way to make severe, excruciating pain known to your healthcare practitioner.

When you click on the highest pain level, your healthcare provider will receive an immediate notification. They can then log in, see what's going on, and possibly make changes to your exercise programme or otherwise provide you with advice.

Please note that your healthcare practitioner or practice/clinic they work for may have disabled the sending of pain alerts. If in doubt, contact your practitioner directly. In an emergency, call your local emergency number.

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