Messaging with your healthcare practitioner

PhysiApp's instant messenger allows you to have a direct line of communication with your healthcare practitioner - if your practitioner or their practice have not disabled this option.

Receiving a message from your practitioner

When you receive a message from your healthcare practitioner, a green dot appears on the “Messages” button at the bottom of the screen.

Click this button to open the message. You can then read your healthcare practitioner's message and also respond to it directly.

Sending a message to your practitioner

Click on the “Messages” button in the centre of the menu at the bottom of your screen to open the messaging function and send a message to your practitioner.

I don't see the "Messages" button. What now?


If you do not see the "Messages" button, your healthcare practitioner or their practice has disabled this feature.

  • In that case, you cannot send messages via PhysiApp to your healthcare practitioner.
  • However, you can respond when your practitioner sends a message to you.
  • If your practitioner has turned on adherence tracking when assigning your exercise programme, you have the option of providing feedback when you mark an exercise as "completed". Read more over here.
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