How to get in touch with a problem

Sometimes things go wrong. 

We're here on the other end of the phone or email to help you out. But to get the quickest resolution and avoid a game of email tennis, here are a few requests we have to you to ensure we or your clinician can assist you as efficiently as possible. 

  1. Ensure you have checked with your clinician first to find out if your program has expired, or they have changed your program.
  2. State the problem.
    eg. "PhysiApp does not recognise my access code." 
  3. Let us know how you usually access your program and if you have had the same problem with your other portals.

    As you know, PhysiApp can be run on a web browser, an iOS app and an Android app. The more details you can tell us the better. 

    eg. "I usually access PhysiApp on my iPhone via the app but for some reason this has stopped working."
  4. Take a screen shot or video of the problem.

    With so many different laptops, computers, smart phones, tablets and operating systems in the world comes even more potential sources of error. If you are receiving a pop up, a warning, an irregular behaviour on our platform, the more visuals you can send us the better. Most hardware devices these days have the facility to take a screen shot (a picture of your current screen) and even a video. If possible, please try and send this with your email. This greatly helps us and our developers to assist you. Different hardware will have different ways of accessing these functions, so take a look at some of the links below, or use your web browser to search for "How to take a screen shot on a XXXXXXX". 

    How to take a screen shot on a Mac

    How to take a screen shot on a Windows computer

    How to take a screen shot on a iPhone

    How to take a screen shot on an Android device
  5. Send your email to your clinician, or get in touch on
  6. ** Many technical issues resolve when a software upgrade is installed on your device. Although these upgrades can seem annoying, they are vital to ensuring your device is best protected from any threats, and that all the systems running on your hardware are able to do so most efficiently. 

    So when your computer, smart phone or tablet informs you of these upgrades, be sure to allow them. **

    Go to the "Settings" menu on your hardware to check if there are any software upgrades to install.

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