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  • Can't open your exercise programme?
    Let us know your access or programme code (8 lower-case letters) and which country you are in. Also tell us what happens: do you see an error message? What kind of device are you using? We will then look up your exercise programme and try to help you from here.
  • PhysiApp - it's technology. It can break.
    Of course, we do everything we can to prevent this and, if it does go wrong, to fix it as quickly as possible. Is PhysiApp behaving unexpectedly differently? Please let us know. And remember: an image says more than 100 words. A screenshot is therefore much appreciated!
  • I have a question about my exercise programme
    At Physitrack and PhysiApp, we help you with the platform - the technical side. We cannot and may not help you when you have questions about (the content of) your exercise programme. For this, it is best to contact your healthcare practitioner or the practice, clinic or hospital they work for.
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