I do not receive exercise reminders

PhysiApp allows you to set reminders so you don't forget your exercises. On this page, we explain how to do that. Of course, it is annoying when set reminders do not arrive.

PhysiApp for web

Reminders are sent in the form of an e-mail. Unfortunately, it sometimes happens that such emails end up among spam or junk. At Physitrack / PhysiApp, there is very little we can do about this. Check if you have an option to mark these emails as "safe", so they do end up in your inbox from now on.

PhysiApp for iOS and Android

Our apps for Android and iOS send notifications in the form of a push message. The app needs your permission to do this. Read on these pages how to provide this consent in Android and iOS.

If the above does not help, please contact us. You will hear from us within one working day and we will then try to solve the problem together.

Exercise reminders on Android 14

Android 14 changes the way your mobile device "wakes up" to send you a reminder for your exercises. This is to save electricity and thus ensure that your battery does not drain as quickly.

Reminders may not come at exactly the time you set, but a bit later. You can adjust this behaviour yourself in the app's settings: System settings -> Apps -> Special app access -> Alarms & reminders -> PhysiApp (or branded app), then switch the toggle Allow setting alarms and reminders on.

Make sure you update PhysiApp to version 4.12.0, otherwise reminders may not work (anymore).

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