Marking exercises as "Completed"

Every exercise you open within PhysiApp has a Complete button at the top right. What exactly happens when you click this button depends on whether your healthcare practitioner has enabled or disabled adherence tracking when assigning your exercise programme.

Exercise programme with adherence tracking enabled

  • When you click the Complete button, we will ask you how many repetitions and sets you performed. The number prescribed by your healthcare practitioner is selected by default, but you can specify a lower or higher number of repetitions and sets (up to double the prescribed number).
  • In the feedback field, you can leave a comment. This comment is sent to your practitioner as a message.
  • Finally, you confirm completion by clicking a pain level. If you had no pain at all, you click 0 on the left, and in case of excruciating pain, you can click the pain alert on the far right. In that case, your healthcare practitioner will receive a separate message about this - read more here.

Exercise programme with adherence tracking disabled

  • When using PhysiApp in a web browser to open your exercise programme, you can click the Complete button next to an exercise to return to the overview of your exercises.
  • PhysiApp on Android works a little differently: when you tap the Finish button at an exercise, the system assumes you have performed the prescribed number of reps and sets. Whether this is actually the case or not, however, does not matter - as this data is not actively tracked by your healthcare practitioner.
  • Tapping the Complete button in PhysiApp on iOS will also show you a screen saying that results for your exercise programme are not tracked.

Having trouble completing your exercises, or wondering why the results of your assigned exercise programme are not being tracked? If so, contact your practitioner. Unfortunately, we cannot help you with this.

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