What permissions does PhysiApp need?

Your privacy is important to us. That is why PhysiApp does not ask for unnecessary permissions when you download the application and open your exercise programme.

When you use PhysiApp, you may be asked for the following permissions:

  • Notifications

    We ask for your permission to display notifications, e.g. when your exercise programme is updated in the background, when you receive a message from your healthcare practitioner or when you receive a reminder (set by yourself) to do your exercises or fill in a questionnaire.

  • Camera and microphone

    PhysiApp allows your healthcare practitioner to start a secure Telehealth video call with you to provide the best possible care remotely. This video call can only work correctly if you give permission for your camera and microphone to be used.

Two notes:

  1. Giving consent is always voluntary. The basic functions of PhysiApp will always work whether you give consent or not. If you do not give consent, certain functions of PhysiApp will not work or will not work correctly.
  2. Modern versions of Android automatically revoke permissions when an application is not used for a certain period of time. Therefore, if you do not use PhysiApp for a while, we may ask you for your consent again.
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