What are sets, reps, hold and other parameters?

When completing an exercise on Physitrack, your practitioner may have enabled tracking how much of an exercise you have completed.

Different exercises require different techniques, for example a cardio exercise may be a matter of completing the exercise for a certain duration, at a certain intensity.

If you are in doubt, please always ask your practitioner for clarification.

In general:

  • Reps: repetitions. The amount of time that an exercise needs to be repeated.
  • Sets: the amount of time that the entire exercise, with all of its repetitions, needs to be repeated.
  • Hold: the amount of seconds (or minutes) that you need to hold a certain position.
  • HR Max: the maximum heart rate.
  • Duration: the length in minutes that you need to be doing this exercise, usually used for cardio exercises such as running or swimming.

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